Innovative Technologies

Innovative Technologies
Student using a VR Headset

The Innovation Center’s Information Technology (IT) program gives students the skills and experience necessary to support end-users and businesses alike, teaching various elements of computer software and hardware. Students have opportunities to earn industry-valued certifications, and experience across technology industries.

Students who excel in classes are invited to work at the Innovation Center on real-world projects that give them marketable skills. The IT program of the Innovation
Center is committed to providing rigorous, useful, engaging courses, and learning opportunities.

Coursework currently offered within this program includes focuses in information technology, creative computing, advanced IT skills and cybersecurity. Curriculum is refreshed or added as technology and industry standards change.


Design Foundations

  • Design Foundations
    • (.5 Credit)
    • Open to all 9 - 12th graders

    This course teaches the basics of design including: what design is, sketching, drafting, rendering, presentation, the critique process, concepting an idea and translating it to a design brief. In addition, this course will give students a taste of the various types of industrial design they can continue with - transportation and mobility, product, and Human Machine Interface.

    Students will be asked to keep a sketchbook which will be part of the course.

CompTIA: Fundamentals

  • CompTIA: Fundamentals
    (.5 Credit)
    Open to all 9-12th graders. Students who pass the class will pay for their own certification test - $90.

    IT Fundamentals introduces students to the Information Technology eld; including computer hardware & software support, customer service, networking, security, and computer design. This class is a precursor to CompTIA A+, and is intended for beginners with very little computer knowledge. Students who succeed in this class will be ready to take the CompTIA IT Fundamentals certification.