Xilinx PYNQ Coding Boot Camp

Xilinx PYNQ Coding Boot Camp
The SVVSD Innovation Center is partnering with Xilinx to offer a week-long bootcamp on programming with embedded platforms. The bootcamp will focus on Xilinx's PYNQ Z-2 board. Xilinx employees will be providing training and supporting teams during the hackathon. Participants will learn the basics of using the PYNQ board, then work on teams to compete in a fun hackathon. Below is a schedule of the week:

Days 1-2: Training on PYNQ board. All participants will receive a PYNQ Z-2 board to use during the bootcamp. They will keep this board after the camp.

Days 3-4: Hackathon - Participants will form teams of 3-4 and design solutions focused on a yet-to-be-identified theme (last year's was "Smarter and Adaptive Schools"

Day 5: Culminating Bootcamp event at Xilinx facility, including pitches to judges.

Students grades 6-12 are encouraged to attend. Teachers are also invited to attend and can receive professional development credit.
Ages: Middle School and High School
July 27-31 - 9:00-3:30
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