Axel Reitzig

Program Director
Staff Department
Academic Support

Axel has been teaching for 25 years. He has taught German, Language Arts, and technology as well as served as a teacher-librarian and a STEM coordinator. In addition, he is a facilitator for eNet Colorado’s on-line professional development classes. Axel focuses on robotics and computer science at the Innovation Center, working with student teams on real-world projects as well as supporting K-12 robotics and computer science instruction throughout the district. Axel is a Colorado native and has lived in Longmont with his family for 20 years. His wife, Ann, and two children keep busy with a variety of activities, including managing a small menagerie of dogs collected from the Humane Society.  Axel is an avid fan of soccer and was very pleased with the result of the last World Cup.  He also is looking forward to the first official soccer match between humans and robots.