Thom Ingram

Instructional Technologist
Staff Department
Academic Support

Thom is a life-long learner and educator. Prior to working in St. Vrain Valley Schools he worked for six different universities in Higher Education Administration; two school districts as a classroom teacher; for Apple Inc. as a store manager, technician, and trainer; for a restaurant, a magazine, and a golf course. To each of these positions Thom brought an inqusitive strategy, a desire to understand the implications of the business, and a hope to improve the world. These same traits are what brought him to the Innovation Center of St. Vrain Valley Schools.

A native of upstate New York, Thom attended SUNY New Paltz, where he received his Bachelor of Arts in Political Science. He attended graduate schools in Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina in the areas of Human Resource Management, English – Creative Writing, and Secondary Education. He recently also earned an associates degree in Computer Information Systems.

He moved to Colorado in December of 2013 with his wife Katie, a triathlete and trainer, and three golden retrievers; Graham, Molly, and Sofie. They have sinced reached their Boulder county legal puppy limit of four by adding Hunter to their family in the fall of 2015.