Advanced Robotics

Advanced Robotics
- Open to all 9-12th graders (No prerequisites)
- $20 Course Fee

This class prepares students to compete against other high school, community college and university teams from around the country and world in the 2020 MATE Underwater Robotics Competition. Our team will design, build, and test an underwater drone, and will also develop a marketing approach to sell our product. You will learn and apply engineering skills like computer-aided design, fabrication, electronics, programming and principles of aquatic physics. We will at a minimum participate in one regional competition in the US; if we qualify, we will travel to Monterrey, California in June 2020 to compete in the 2020 MATE International Competition.

Any student is welcome to enroll. The main requirement is a strong interest in learning something new, a firm commitment to the team, and committing to participating in the International competition in June if the team qualifies. Fundraising will be required in order to travel to events and acquire some of the course materials. Email with questions.