P-TEACH: Introduction to STEM Teaching

P-TEACH: Introduction to STEM Teaching
• Open to 10-12th graders
• Concurrent Enrollment CU - Denver (3 College Credits)

The STEM Methods course is a framework-based class where students will develop a rm understanding of the STEM for All framework, focusing on integration, innovation, essential skills, personalization, adaptation and connection. This framework will support the development of a STEM mindset, and by learning these processes, students will create STEM-aligned lesson plans for any content or grade. This learning will occur by students taking on the role of a learner and participating in a learning experience. Reflections will be held discussing what frameworks were used to design the lesson. Finally students will use these skills to plan and carry out their own STEM-aligned lessons.

Offered this Spring 2021, it will not be offered Spring 2022. It will be offered again Spring 2023.
PS 476