Industrial design has always been an evolving field, morphing from an adaptation of art and sculpture to a true professional field in the 20th Century. In the past 30 years, Industrial Design has come to the forefront of our lives and is more present than ever. 

The curriculum will teach high school students the basic concepts of industrial design, from basic sketching and visual techniques to the importance of aesthetics. In addition, concepts around cradle to cradle design principles as well as circular design concepts and anthropocentrism will be taught. 

The curriculum aims to broaden the understanding of students of what design is, and how important it is in the process of everything we interact with. In addition it will teach students about how products are made, how they interact with our environment, and concepts around sustainability, environmental interaction, and materials processes. 

Course Offerings

Design Foundations: CTE86110: Summer, Fall & Spring

  • Open to all 9-12th graders

This course teaches the basics of design including: what design is, sketching, drafting, rendering, presentation, the critique process, concepting an idea and translating it to a design brief. In addition, this course will give students a taste of the various types of industrial design they can continue with – transportation and mobility, product, and Human Machine Interface. Students will be asked to keep a sketchbook which will be part of the course. 

Introduction to Product Design: CTE86115: Fall & Spring

  • Open to all 9-12th graders that have completed Design Foundations   

Introduction to Product Design builds on the Design Foundations Course in that it provides students the opportunity to continue building their design skills around the field of product design. Students will learn how to research, ideate, sketch, render, 3D model, and present concepts for products that would be used in everyday life. In addition, weekly critiques and showcases will allow students to participate in the critique process and learn from one another, learning how to be part of teams and collaborate on projects. Students will be asked to keep a sketchbook which will be part of the course. As design becomes an ever more important field in that it can add significant value to companies products and operations, this course seeks to enable students to get a head start in the field of design and learn more about it as a career opportunity. 

Intro to Transportation Design: CTE86117: Fall & Spring  

  • Open to all 9-12th graders that have completed Design Foundations 

Imagine if you could learn how to design Cars, Bikes, Skateboards, Plane interiors, and more in high school! That is precisely the goal of this class. While the field of Transportation Design exists in colleges and universities around the world, it is not taught at the high school level. This class builds on the design foundations course taught at the Innovation Center to teach students how to design vehicle and vehicle interiors. Students would learn sketching and rendering techniques specific to vehicle design, as well as information about proper vehicle proportions, how to package a vehicle, how to think about cars from a design and engineering standpoint, and how to think about vehicle interiors.

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