Business Pitch

Business Pitch Badge Icon

As part of the business pitch badge participants utilize a business idea from the prior Entrepreneurial Innovator badge or from other business development processes in order to write a business pitch. Throughout the process participants are challenged to create new ideas or solutions as it pertains to the initial pitch. Participants create a Pitch Deck that is evaluated and utilized in their final pitch process (real world application). As a final requirement, participants are required to film or capture their final pitch and submit it for a final evaluation.

After completing this badge, the recipient can: 

  1. Appraise, assess, and critiques on a basis of specific standards and criteria associated with developing a business pitch.
  2. Originate, integrate, and combine ideas into a product, plan or proposal.
  3. Select, transfer, and utilize data principles to complete a problem or task.
  4. Interpret, comprehend, and translate information based on prior learning.
  5. Communicate ideas in a logical and persuasive manner in order to influence others to include investors. Strengthen communication skills.

Interested in earning this badge?

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