photo of Kalyssa with her pilot's license
What is your name?
Kalyssa Berringer
What is your graduation year?
What is the name of your home high school?
Erie High School
Tell us a little bit about yourself (i.e. do you participate in athletics, clubs, sports, etc.).
During my High school career I have been involved in varsity basketball, varsity tennis, NHS, teens with wings, peer mentor, tigers together, LINK Leader, and flying at Erie airport and Mcair
What classes have you taken at the Innovation Center?
Pilot Ground 1 & Pilot Ground 2
What has been your best experience at the Innovation Center?
My best experience has been flying in the simulators. They have helped me progress in flying and have made me a better pilot. It is an amazing experience.

Why should St. Vrain students take courses or get involved at the Innovation Center?

They should take courses and get involved because it is a place where you can expand your knowledge on creative classes like flying. Pilot Ground has given me the opportunity to become a better pilot by teaching me things I didn’t know before and allowing me to use the simulators that at a flight school costs hundreds of dollars to use. I already have my private pilots license because I was able to further my education in a classroom that was challenging, fun, and flexible on what I needed to learn in order to obtain my license.

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