The Entrepreneurial Zone is designed to build a collaborative culture for students, staff and the community.  It’s a Zone for individuals to build an Entrepreneurial MindSet, understand the entrepreneurial process, build knowledge around business concepts, develop ideas and seek support through a community of student designers, as well as internal and external industry related experts. The Entrepreneurial Zone will enable individuals and teams to bring concepts to reality through workshops, courses, mentors and financial support opportunities.  

Course Offerings

Entrepreneurial Mindset: CTE80105: Fall & Spring

  • One Semester Elective – 0.5 Credit – Open to all 11th and 12th graders

This course inspires and engages students with perseverance and determination of an entrepreneurial mindset needed to succeed in business, life and academics. It covers major aspects of small business management to enable the entrepreneur to successfully begin their own business. This course provides the basic concepts of marketing, principles of management and finance needed to manage a small business. This course provides for experiential learning beyond the classroom, making connections, understanding business concepts, and building relationships that support the student throughout college and careers.

Entrepreneurial Business Development: CTE84130: Fall & Spring

  • Open to all 10-12th graders; no prerequisites  

This course covers the major aspects of small business management to enable the entrepreneur to successfully begin their own business. The coursework will support the Entrepreneurial MindSet through developing the business principles needed to start a business. The course will go more in depth in the areas of Marketing, Business Planning, Analysis of Markets, Management, Financials and understanding the service or product line. The course will require an Entrepreneurial Portfolio to be developed with which there is the potential for the student to utilize as a way to start a business. 


Entrepreneurial Mini-Certification Program: 

This certification program is designed to give students access to the Entrepreneurial Zone, infuse the Entrepreneurial MindSet into their lives and education, open up funding for business ideas and to connect with the Innovation Center and its programs.

The certification is made up of 5 mini courses:  E101, E201, E301, P101, P201 E courses are on the Entrepreneurial MindSet concepts and P courses are on the Pitch process.

  • The Interested Entrepreneur – This individual has completed Mini Credential  E 101. The individual has inquired and become familiar with the Entrepreneurial Zone.  They receive the E 101 status. Candidate acquires their Interested Entrepreneur E101 digital badge.
  • The Explorer Entrepreneur – This individual is an Interested Entrepreneur and has completed E 201 and P 301. This individual presents their initial concept/ idea. Candidate acquires their Explorer Entrepreneur E201 and E301 digital badges.
  • The Entrepreneur – This individual is an Explorer Entrepreneur and has completed P 101 and P 201.  This individual continues to work on concept/ idea. Will begin to discover resources within the IC and begin working with Experts.  Candidate acquires their Entrepreneur P101 and P201 digital badges.
  • The Certified Entrepreneur – This individual has been identified as an invested Entrepreneur.  The individual will work in the Entrepreneurial Zone and have access to the entire “Network”. Candidate works on developing their concept/ idea and utilizes experts and IC resources.  Candidate has also completed their Opportunity Discovery Canvas. Candidate acquires their Certified Entrepreneur Certificate of Completion.
  • The Master Entrepreneur – This individual has been identified as a Certified Entrepreneur. Individual may lease/ utilize space in the Entrepreneurial Zone as a start-up company.  The Certified Master Entrepreneur takes concept/ idea to market and establishes initial business formation or sale of idea.

Project Teams

Entrepreneurial Zone Team

This team focuses on developing the Entrepreneurial Zone as it is a start-up venture.  The student designers and Interns on this team create new marketing strategies, business operation strategies, test and teach the Mini-Certification program, manage the funds gifted to the Entrepreneurial Zone and make connections in business and industry for the betterment of the program and the students and community they serve.  This team is in the development phase of the Entrepreneurial Zone and preparing for the growth phase as they experiment, make connections and use their Entrepreneurial MindSet development to establish this program and its reach.


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