Video Arts

Empowering students to be confident and skilled storytellers, so they may become the next generation of Video Arts professionals.

The Video Arts Pathway develops students’ storytelling skills by providing them with access to state-of-the-art equipment and professional connections, so they may engage in real-world production experiences and cultivate the joy in their creative work.

Course Offerings

  • Open to all 9-12th graders

Real world lights, camera, action! 

Intro to Video Production provides an authentic real-world experience in the video and film production environments. This course empowers students to engage in and be exposed to the audio, video, and lighting technical skills needed for both studio and field production. Students will explore the endless production job opportunities, industry specific regulations, techniques and processes. Students will also gain knowledge of basic production terminology, professional set etiquette, a variety of script formats and video editing basics in Adobe Premiere Pro. By the end of the semester, students will utilize their new skills to create a video production of their own. Register for Intro to Video Production and experience the real world of video and film production!

  • Open to all 9 -12th graders 
  • Prerequisite: Intro. to Video Production (Studio Film) OR Instructor Approval

Feel the rush of live production!  Ever wanted to feel the rush of live video production? In the Live Streaming & Broadcasting Video Production class students will gain real world live video streaming & broadcasting production skills. Students will examine the techniques and technologies involved in creating multi-camera live shoots for streaming sites such as Twitch and YouTube along with broadcast television genres such as news, sporting events, game and reality shows. Students will explore the unique logistical, structural, and aesthetic methodologies that distinguish live streaming and broadcast production from other types of production. The class will utilize a variety of multi-camera switcher systems like OBS, ATEM and the NewTek TriCaster. Students will take the audio, video and lighting skills learned in the introductory course (CTE86130) to the next level. If desired, students will even have the opportunity to become Certified TriCaster Operators. By the end of the semester, students will create a live video production utilizing all of their new production skills. So, register for Live Streaming & Broadcasting Video Production  and feel the live production rush!

  • Open to all 9 -12th graders 
  • Prerequisite: CTE86130 Intro. to Video Production (Studio Film) OR Instructor Approval

TAKE YOUR IDEA FROM CONCEPT TO SCRIPT!  Dive into the captivating realm of video series storytelling with, “Developing a Video Series.” This dynamic course equips students with the essential skills needed to create a compelling series concept, develop gripping characters, and write an engaging pilot and supporting episodes. Through hands-on experiences, students will delve into the world of pre-production planning and scriptwriting. Emphasis will be placed on fostering creativity, teamwork, and effective communication skills, essential for collaboration in the video production industry. By the end of the course, students will have the expertise to develop their own video series, honing their talents as storytellers. Join us on this exciting journey where imagination meets technology, and where each student’s unique creative vision is nurtured and brought to life on the small screen. 

  • Open to all 9 -12th graders 
  • Prerequisite: CTE86130 Intro. to Video Production (Studio Film) OR Instructor Approval

TAKE YOUR SCRIPTS TO SCREEN!  In “The Art of Series Production” class, students will embark on an exhilarating and immersive journey into the captivating realm of video series production. Throughout the semester, students will produce the video series concept developed in the preceding “Developing a Video Series” course. Through hands-on experiences, participants will assume various pivotal roles, including producer, director, showrunner, crew member, and casting director, among others.By the end of the semester, students will have successfully crafted a compelling and fully-realized video series, showcasing their creativity, technical expertise, and storytelling prowess. This class offers a unique and invaluable opportunity for aspiring series producers, directors, videographers, lighting and audio technicians, and storytellers to gain practical insights into the dynamic world of series production. With their imaginative abilities at the forefront, students will have the chance to transform their vision into reality.

Project Teams

The Creative Content team consists of filming, photography, basic graphic design and support services to the Entrepreneurial Zone as well as other operations within the Innovation Center.  Student Designers on this team acquire, bid and produce productions for internal as well as external clients around video production.  Students are also asked to photograph events, produce photography for flyers and other media, conduct product shoots, and assist in the design of logos and other marketing media.  Individuals on this team are self learners, creative, innovative and collaborate in order to grow their skills and work with diverse clients and groups.


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