St. Vrain Valley Student Film Festival: A Showcase of Emerging Talent

SVVSD students create a film

The St. Vrain Valley Student Film Festival is set to welcome local high school and middle school students for an inspiring evening of film and creativity on May 4th at the Niwot High School Auditorium. From 6:00 to 9:00 pm, the community gathers not just to watch a series of short films, but to celebrate the hard work and unique perspectives of its young filmmakers.

Showtime: May 4th from 6 - 9 pm at the Niwot High School Auditorium. Watch short films, vote for your favorites.

Liam, one of the students who has experienced the festival firsthand, shared, “The experience of showing my film to others and watching them be moved by my art was the most rewarding moment of my life. It was unforgettable.” It’s these moments that the festival aims to multiply—providing a platform for students to share their voice and art with an appreciative audience.

Amy Dellwardt, CETC Interactive Media Teacher and organizer of the event, captures the essence of the event, saying, “Seeing students’ faces light up when they get to watch their creation on the big screen is one of the best parts of my job!” Her enthusiasm for the students’ achievements is a sentiment shared by all who are involved with the festival.

With submissions due by April 19th, organizers encourage all aspiring student filmmakers from the St. Vrain Valley School District to participate. The message is clear: every student has a story worth telling and a vision worth sharing.

Entries Due: April 19th at 10 pm. Visit Who can enter? Entries are open to all SVVSD High School and Middle School Students.

The event is supported by stalwarts of Colorado’s creative industry, including the Colorado Office of Film, Television & Media, Longmont Public Media, and the Boulder County Film Commission. These partnerships underscore the festival’s commitment to cultivating a nurturing environment for emerging talents.

St. Vrain Valley Schools stand behind this event as a reflection of their dedication to academic and creative excellence. The film festival is not just a display of student projects; it is an affirmation of the district’s support for the arts as a crucial aspect of education.

As the festival nears, the excitement is subtle but palpable—a quiet buzz of anticipation among students ready to step into the spotlight. The St. Vrain Valley Student Film Festival isn’t just about the films; it’s about the journey from concept to screen, the shared experiences of teachers and students, and the joy of artistic expression. So come join us—whether you’re a filmmaker or a film lover—and be part of an evening where young storytellers shine.

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