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The Communication Badge focuses on three key components: digital etiquette, in person communication, and developing, crafting, and delivering pitches. When recipients are finished, they have a foundational understanding of the different modalities of in person communication, how to communicate formally using email, and delivering a pitch about themselves and their role within a respective organization. 

After completing this badge, recipients can: 

  1. Identify and define the different modalities of communication including: formal, informal, and small talk. 
  2. Demonstrate how to effectively communicate via email to different audiences.
  3. Create calendar invites with virtual meetings using Google Calendar. 
  4. Develop and deliver a pitch.

Interested in earning this badge?

This badge is open to all interested St. Vrain Students. If you would like to take the course, go to and under ‘join a course’ enter in this code: DK9H-ZRGK-BK5P6

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