ICART – Aquatic Robotics Team

The Innovation Center Aquatic Robotics Team (ICART) works on engineering remotely operated aquatic vessels for local use. This team includes sub teams that specialize in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and software engineering.

ICART Projects

Poseidon is an agile, powerful underwater drone with a sensing array for water quality testing, 6 motors for fine control, and 4 cameras for infrastructure inspection and habitat monitoring.

Überkugel, German for ‘over-sphere’ is a surface sonar vessel capable of creating low-cost, high-quality bathymetric maps of lakes. Its unique pontoon design is powered by water propulsion and guided by GPS.

ICART Manager

Interested in joining? Contact Nate Wilcox for questions, availability and how to apply.

If you’re interested in taking any Robotics / Artificial Intelligence courses for high school credit at the Innovation Center, check out our course catalog here.

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