Innovation Academy

Innovation Academy

Welcome to Innovation Academy.  For 11 years, we’ve been empowering, innovating, and learning alongside St Vrain students, and nothing is going to stop us from continuing this annual tradition!  Please join us for year 11 as we continue to host Innovation Academy in-person! This exciting summer program was designed in partnership with IBM and is taught collaboratively by St. Vrain Valley School District educators and IBM Volunteers, with the support of Innovation Center high school students and PTECH students.  Innovation Academy fosters a foundation of critical thinking through inquiry-based learning and will create a community of learners that will think globally and collaboratively to develop innovative approaches to problem-solving.

Do these characteristics describe your child?

If so, this is the program you’ve been looking for!

  • INTERDEPENDENT:  Your child is a team player, collaborative, leads and follows as situations demand, and communicates effectively. While self-advocating, your child can also come to consensus through collaboration and a shared vision.
  • RISK TAKER:  Your child tries new things, explores and confidently shares.
  • THINKER: Your child solves problems, generates original and innovative ideas, is solution-oriented, is flexible and can build on the ideas of others. 
  • CURIOUS:  Your child asks questions and wonders about the community and the world.
  • PERSISTENT:  Your child is tenacious, self-disciplined, continues to work through frustration, and is comfortable with ambiguity.
  • CREATIVE:  Your child is imaginative, explores new things / ideas / strategies, and respectfully builds off the ideas of others.

Scheduling Information

Join us for one fun filled week (Mon-Thurs) at Blue Mountain Elementary to learn, discover, and identify problems in our world and brainstorm possible solutions.  Then come and join us on the final day for an Exhibition of Learning! 

  • Session 1 is for SVVS students who have completed grades K-2nd and is June 7-10. 
  • Session 2 is for SVVS students who have completed  grades 3-5 and is June 14-17. 

Classes run 8:30-12:30 each day, and Exhibition will begin at 12:30 on Thursday of each session.  Parents and students will enjoy The Innovation Museum of the Future where your child will share his or her prototype that will solve a problem within the following themes: 

  • K:  Food 
  • 1st-2nd: School, Buildings,  & Transportation
  • 3rd-5th:  Health, Cities, Energy, and Media/Communications 

K-2nd Grade Themes

SESSION 1: Grades Kindergarten – 2nd

FOOD (Kindergarten ONLY):  In the Food Theme, students engage in all stages of how we get our food: Food Systems and Processes, Food distribution, Food Waste, Food Storage and of course Eating Food! They will understand the energy and work that goes into food production and will design ways to improve global food issues. 

SCHOOLS: In the Schools theme, students will analyze current processes, procedures, and challenges occurring in today’s elementary school settings. They will examine different models for schools, build empathy with all school users (parents, teachers, students, etc), and design the schools of the future. Due to changes in education through the worldwide spread of the coronavirus, we can examine first hand the varieties of ways in which, and pros and cons of how, learning can occur.

TRANSPORTATION:  Students learn about sustainable transportation, compare transportation around the world, and how people with limited resources become innovative to solve their transportation problem. Based on how the coronavirus has spread, we will examine impacts of transportation and potential changes that can be made for future travels.

BUILDINGS:  Buildings are everywhere!  We live in them, shop in them, go to school in them, visit them, and much much more. In Buildings theme, students learn about the challenges of building sustainable buildings that are eco friendly. Students will analyze how buildings are constructed, what their purposes are, and understand why we use them the way we do.. Students will design a building of their own that incorporates design elements from what we explore and discuss. 

3rd-5th Grade Themes

3rd-5th Grade (going into 4th, 5th and 6th)

MEDIA / COMMUNICATIONS:  In the Media/Communications theme, students will learn about all of the different types of media and communication and how quickly it is changing and impacting our world. Students will design new media and communication innovations that help people with physical challenges, people with limited access to media and technology, as well as people in emergencies and disasters.

ENERGY:  In the Energy theme, students will research ways to reduce and monitor energy, learn about alternative energy resources, and design solutions to harness energy from extreme resources like winds from a hurricane. Students will use their research and background knowledge to build empathy for all energy users (homes, company buildings, schools, farms, etc.). They will work collaboratively to design energy solutions of the future. 

CITIES:  According to the US Census in 2017, urban areas (cities) make up only 3 percent of the entire land area of the country but are home to more than 80 percent of the population! With increased demand on resources like water and electricity, cities need to become smarter and more efficient.  From infrastructure to aesthetics, cities are complex interdependent communities. In this theme, you will have the chance to plan and build your own smart city to solve some of the most challenging problems facing today’s urban areas.  

HEALTH:  In this theme, students  will develop  empathy and understanding for how illness  can impact us.  From knowing how to stay healthy to identifying ways  to keep illness from spreading, students will reflect on their own health experiences and reimagine a world where all illnesses can be controlled.  

Payment & Registration Information

Full Tuition

  • $125 

Tuition for Students Qualifying for Free & Reduced Lunch

  • $80 

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Questions? Contact Us

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