Innovation Academy

Do these characteristics describe your child?

If so, this is the program you’ve been looking for!

  • INTERDEPENDENT:  Your child is a team player, collaborative, leads and follows as situations demand, and communicates effectively. Your child can also come to consensus through collaboration and a shared vision, advocating for their own needs and the needs of others. 
  • RISK TAKER:  Your child tries new things, explores and confidently shares.
  • THINKER: Your child solves problems, generates original and innovative ideas, is solution-oriented, is flexible and can build on the ideas of others. 
  • CURIOUS:  Your child asks questions and wonders about their community and the world.
  • PERSISTENT:  Your child is tenacious, self-disciplined, continues to work through frustration, and is comfortable with ambiguity.
  • CREATIVE:  Your child is imaginative, explores new things / ideas / strategies, and respectfully builds off the ideas of others.

Scheduling Information

Join us for two fun-filled weeks (Mon-Thurs) at the Innovation Center to learn, discover, and identify problems in our world and brainstorm possible solutions.  Then come and join us on the final day for an Exhibition of Learning! 

  • Dates: June 3 – 13, 2024
  • Days: Monday – Thursday
  • Times: 8:30am – 11:30am
  • Location: The Innovation Center (33 Quail Road, Longmont CO)
  • Exhibition: Thursday, June 13, 2023 from 10:45am – 11:45am

The 2024 summer schedule is June 3-13, 2024 for students currently enrolled (23-24 school year) in kindergarten – 2nd grade who will be enrolled in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the 24-25 school year. The final day’s Exhibition of Learning is on Thursday, June 13, 2024, and will begin at 10:45am. We ask parents/guardians to attend. Our hope is that every child has a grown-up to share their learning with that day!  Parents and students will enjoy The Innovation Museum of the Future where your child will share his or her prototype that will solve a problem within the following themes:

  • Food (Kindergarten) // Alimentos (Kínder)
  • Transportation (1st Grade) // Transporte ( grado)
  • Buildings (2nd Grade) // Edificios ( grado)

IA Theme Descriptions

In the Food Theme, students engage in all stages of how we get our food: Food systems and processes, food distribution, food waste, food storage, and of course, eating food! Students will understand the energy and work that goes into food production and design ways to improve global food issues. 

En el tema de alimentos, los estudiantes participan en todas las etapas de cómo obtenemos nuestros alimentos: sistemas y procesos alimentarios, distribución de alimentos, desperdicio de alimentos, almacenamiento de alimentos y, por supuesto, ¡comer alimentos! Comprenderán la energía y el trabajo que se dedica a la producción de alimentos y diseñarán formas de mejorar los problemas alimentarios mundiales

Students learn about sustainable transportation, compare transportation around the world, and explore how people with limited resources become innovative to solve their transportation problems. Students will examine impacts of transportation and potential changes that can be made for future travels. 

Los estudiantes aprenden sobre el transporte sostenible, comparan el transporte en todo el mundo y cómo las personas con recursos limitados se vuelven innovadoras para resolver su problema de transporte. Los estudiantes examinarán los impactos del transporte y los posibles cambios que se pueden realizar para futuros viajes.

Buildings are everywhere! We live in them, shop in them, go
to school in them, visit them, and so much more. In the Buildings theme, students learn about the challenges of building sustainable buildings that are also eco-friendly. Students will analyze how buildings are constructed, what their purposes are, and understand why we use them the way we do. Students will design a building of their own that incorporates the design elements discussed in their class.

¡Los edificios están por todas partes! Vivimos en ellos, compramos en ellos, vamos a la escuela en ellos, los visitamos y mucho, mucho más. En el tema Edificios, los estudiantes aprenden sobre los desafíos de construir edificios
sostenibles que sean ecológicos. Los estudiantes analizarán cómo se construyen los edificios, cuáles son sus propósitos y comprenderán por qué los usamos de la manera en que lo hacemos. Los estudiantes diseñarán un edificio propio que incorpore elementos de diseño de lo que exploramos y discutimos.

Payment Information

  • Full Tuition $225
    • Students qualifying for free lunch- $112.50
    • Students qualifying for reduced lunch- $135

Registration & Refund Information

Registration for Innovation Academy will be open from March 1 – May 23, 2024. If a camp is full, you can still fill out a registration questionnaire and be put on the waitlist. If a spot opens up, someone from our team will reach out to confirm whether you’d still like to enroll. You will not be charged until you are enrolled in the camp.

We will be happy to offer you a full refund on Innovation Academy camps up until our registration closing date of May 23, 2024. After this date refunds will not be issued. To request a refund, please reach out to the Innovation Center at 303-702-8200 or email Socorro Marquez at [email protected].

Questions? Contact Us

If you have any questions about Innovation Academy, please check out the Innovation Center Facebook page or email Kristen Brohm.

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