Cyber Tech Team

The predominant goal of the Cyber Tech Team is to help spread cybersecurity awareness in SVVSD as well as in the Longmont community so that every citizen can protect themselves. Students on this team develop curriculum and teach students as well as senior citizens. They also help students develop their skills with Python by giving them an opportunity to challenge themselves in the Code Zone Challenge coding competition. Students on this team love to learn and have the opportunity to get a certification in cybersecurity or IT as well.

Check out this article highlighting some of the work from the Innovation Center Cybersecurity Team from the Longmont Leader.

Cyber Tech Team Projects

The team creates curriculum and runs both beginner and experienced practices for teams from 5 high schools in the district and 2 middle schools. We support 42 high school students.

The Cyber Tech Team developed an entire coding competition for SVVSD middle school students. They created the platform, created practice programs, competition problems, designed t-shirts, marketed the competition, judged the problems, and ran the event itself. Last year, 48 middle school students participated in the competition.

The team is creating a 4 session series utilizing some of the tools from Cyber Generations for the Longmont Senior Center. They work with the lead senior tech instructors at the Longmont Senior Center to create activities and curriculum that will help protect senior citizens from security issues. The team is design logos, communicating with the LSC and teaching all the sessions.

Learn more from the Longmont Leader article.

The team is working with a national company called Surf Wisely to help give feedback on curriculum and create activities for a middle school cyber literacy program.

Cyber Tech Team Manager

Interested in joining? Contact Beth Cerrone for questions, availability and how to apply.

If you’re interested in taking any Cybersecurity courses for high school credit at the Innovation Center, check out our course catalog here.

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