Innovation Academy

Innovation Academy Online
Innovation Academy Online (IAO) is a summer opportunity for SVVSD students and their families to engage in design thinking and innovation. IAO is open to all students completing grades Kindergarten - 5th.

For the past ten years, SVVSD and IBM have partnered to provide rich and engaging learning opportunities for our youngest learners to solve real-world problems. Innovation Academy is a summer opportunity for SVVSD students and their families to engage in design thinking and innovation at home. In this online forum, we highlight the following principles and share empowering lessons for which our face-to-face summer program is known.

IBM volunteers will share their knowledge and expertise about their field and how it relates to the themes your child is experiencing. PTECH students from Skyline High School support the IA online teachers in creating and publishing quality lessons and bring a diverse perspective to how we approach world problems. Our IA teachers have a breadth and depth of knowledge and experience with IA themes, online teaching, and global interdependence. Finally, your child will create amazing solutions to world problems and learn that they can make a difference today!

There will be interaction opportunities via Seesaw, and your child will also have the opportunity to participate in 2-3 Webex meetings with an Innovation Academy teacher to help push their thinking, collaborate with their peers, and ask questions.

IAO is open to all students completing grades Kindergarten- 5th. This summer online program provides many benefits for students and their families.

What are the family benefits?
  • Open to everyone - cost prorated for free/reduced lunch qualifications
  • Empowering lessons
  • Home Learning Connection - connects the learning to real-time family interactions
  • Opportunity to purchase multiple themes - 20% discount on each additional theme purchased
  • Uses readily-available materials in your home for IA lessons (save your recyclables!)
  • Timeline for engaging in learning is flexible to support your family’s specific needs
What materials will be needed for IA Online?
  • Access to iPad 
  • Time and a physical space to build and tinker

Materials for building:   

  • Consumable Items including general craft items, cardboard, cereal boxes, plastic bits & pieces, glue, tape, recyclables, string, corks,  items from your “junk drawer” - it’ll get cleaned out now!, etc. 
  • Helpful non-consumable items including scissors, hole punch, stapler, other building supplies, etc
Important Dates & Schedule Information


  • These classes are asynchronous- your child can work at his or her own pace throughout the summer.
  • Registration for classes is May 1- July 31.
  • You will have access to the class from June 1- August 17.


  • Teacher support will be provided during the original 3 weeks of IA, June 1-June 19. 
  • Scheduled Check-in Webex Virtual Meetings will occur 2-3 times a week from Jun 1-Jun19. 
  • Comments to your child's Seesaw Account will occur 1-2 times per week from Jun1-Jun19. Schedule meeting dates and times will vary by class. This information will be in the same email as your access codes, which you will receive on June 1. 
Payment Information

Full Tuition

  • $125 for the first theme.
  • $100 for each additional theme

Tuition for Students Qualifying for Reduced Lunch

  • $50 for the first theme
  • $40 for each additional theme

Tuition for Students Qualifying for Free Lunch

  • $40 for the first theme
  • $32 for each additional theme
Registration & Themes (Opens May 1st)

The Schools theme is designed for students completing grades K-2.  Students will analyze current processes, procedures, and challenges occurring in today’s elementary school settings. They will examine different models for schools, build empathy with all school users (parents, teachers, students, etc), and design the schools of the future. Due to changes in education through the worldwide spread of the coronavirus, we can examine first hand the varieties of ways in which, and pros and cons of how, learning can occur.

Register for 'Schools' TheME (active May 1sT)

The Transportation theme is also designed for students completing grades K-2. Students learn about sustainable transportation for students completing grades K-2. We learn about Hyperloops, a proposed mode of transportation which involves a sealed tube or system of tubes through which a pod may travel free of air resistance at high speed, therefore reducing travel times, and could be a solution to problems caused by traffic. We compare transportation around the world and how people with low resources invent their mode of transportation to solve their transportation problems. Now, during limited transportation worldwide due to the spread of the coronavirus, we will examine the impacts of transportation and potential changes that can be made for future travels. 

Register for 'Transportation' TheME (Active May 1st)

The Media/Communications theme is designed for students completing grades 3-5. Students will learn about all of the different types of media and communication and how quickly it is changing and impacting our world.  Students will work on how we might best advertise the 10th anniversary of Innovation Academy to the public. They will also design new media and communication innovations that help people with physical challenges, people with limited access to media and technology, as well as people in emergencies and disasters.

Register for 'Media/Communications' TheME (Active May 1st)

The Energy theme is also designed for students completing grades 3-5.  Students will research ways to reduce and monitor energy, learn about alternative energy resources, and design solutions to harness energy from extreme resources like winds from a hurricane. Students will use their research and background knowledge to build empathy for all energy users (homes, company buildings, schools, farms, etc.). They will work collaboratively to design energy solutions of the future. 

Register for 'Energy' TheME (Active May 1st)

Questions? Contact Us.

If you have any questions about Innovation Academy Online, email:

Kristen Brohm, Program Director

Jenn Crill, Program Director