Field Trip Accommodations

  • We can accommodate four rounds per grade level in one field trip.
  • If you have five or more rounds, or exceptionally large class sizes, we will make arrangements tailored to your specific needs.
  • Field Trip spaces are limited. Please check with your principal to see if you are eligible to sign up.

Field Trip Experience Descriptions

Each field trip will include Tinker Time and Big Buildings. Teachers will also choose two additional stations to customize the learning experience for students.

Must Do: Big Building AND Tinker Time

Big Building

Explore Giant Legos and other oversized building manipulatives! Students work with large scale, loose parts building and engineering equipment. These devices inspire free play and group problem solving through hands-on, open-ended, creative, and collaborative play. 

Tinker Time

Students experience a variety of STEM stations in which they can “Build It, Code It, Create It, Take It, and Explore It.”  Examples include:  Keva Planks, Indis, Turing Tumbles, Catapults, Digital Microscopes, and more!

May Do:

Math & Engineering

Students learn math problem-solving strategies and apply this knowledge to  engineering problems.


Students experience the design thinking process with a focus on rapid prototyping. Students choose an area of their life to improve or reimagine, such as a game for a friend, a new or improved learning space, a new playtime experience, or an invention to help a loved one. Most of this session is spent building with materials in our Makerspace. 

Science Experiments

Learn about Physics through Sound Wave Experiments and Earth Science through Water Experiments. We do all the teaching while you support and learn alongside your students!

Tech Time

Students and teachers are introduced to a new tech tool that supports classroom instruction. This year, we will focus on VEX 123 and VEX Go, new Vex platforms that support Vex IQ.  Alternatively, if you haven’t yet experienced Sphero Indi robots, you can have a full lesson in Tech Time, or explore them independently in Tinker Time.


Explore the Innovation Center through a guided tour! You’ll have time to explore 4-5 divisions/focus areas with your guide, learn about the IC, and get students excited about the future learning opportunities available to SVVSD students! The tour ends in the Pitch Room where students will experience hands-on learning activities similar to the work done by Innovation Center students each day.

Outreach Opportunities

We also offer several opportunities for teachers to extend their own STEM learning. Teachers can check-out a variety of field trip materials to use in the classroom (with or without guided support from an IC STEM coordinator), earn PD for STEM work they are integrating into their classroom, and / or sign up for other STEM PD through our Office of Professional Development. More information is coming soon!

Innovation Center of St. Vrain Valley Schools