Longmont High School BioScience Stuedent
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The field of bioscience represents one of the faster growing industries in the country. There is an urgent need with our growing and increasingly aging population to develop new medicines and medical devices as well as sustainable chemicals, fuels and agricultural products.

Our students will be able to participate on the forefront of this industry through interaction with industry leaders and industry-relevant programming. The Bioscience program is designed to enable students to develop skills and capabilities in biotechnology and biomedical engineering. Students will learn fundamental and advanced skills in biotechnology lab techniques or apply engineering design processes to the development of novel prototypes such as prosthetics and devices that can help people with disabilities. Students will work closely with mentors from industry and learn what it is like to pursue a career in bioscience.

Whether through classes or as part of one of the bioscience clubs, students will have the opportunity to experience, in depth, the excitement of undertaking industry-relevant experiments and developing novel products in biotechnology and biomedical engineering.


Introduction to Biomedical Engineering (CSU)

  • Introduction to Biomedical Engineering (CSU)
    • Open to all 11-12th graders (Prerequisites: High school Biology, Chemistry & Algebra 2)
    • Concurrent Enrollment with Colorado State University

    This survey-based course through Colorado State University exposes students to how mechanical engineering, chemical/biological engineering, and electrical engineering principles can be applied to current biomedical challenges. The course also introduces current research efforts at CSU, BME career opportunities, team dynamics, and accessing/reading academic literature
    - all of which will be valuable as the student progresses through their interest area. Students will also be able to go through the process of solving an engineering problem and presenting a product concept to various audiences at CSU.

Biotechnology Capstone

  • Biotechnology Capstone
    • Open to all 11-12th graders who have completed either Introduction to Biomedical Engineering or Introduction to Biotechnology

    This course provides an introduction to bioengineering through a series of team projects. Students learn, in a hands-on way, valuable engineering skills including communication, how to function in teams, and a variety of relevant project tools, such as programming microcontrollers, 3D printing, and computer-aided design (CAD). All projects and applications will be applied in the biotechnology eld, but the skills learned can be applied across all fields of science and engineering.

Experimental Science - Advanced Lab Skills

  • Experimental Science - Advanced Lab Skills
    Open to all 9-12th graders; no prerequisites

    This course will take your science and laboratory skills to the next level. Students will utilize specialized lab equipment in order to conduct a series of experiments covering topics such as microbiology, chemical synthesis, and electromagnetism. Through the process of scientific discovery, students will learn the basis behind many core scientific principles in biology, chemistry, and physics. By the end of the course, students will have gained the skills needed to work confidently in any lab setting. This is a great class to prepare students for future courses and careers in science.

Intro to Biotechnology

  • Intro to Biotechnology
    - Open to all 11-12th graders (Prerequisites: High school Biology, Chemistry & Algebra 2)

    This course starts students on the path for careers in cloning, forensics, and saving the world from disease and famine. Biotech is an integrated science where students learn and apply biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, in preparation for working in the fastest growing industry in the nation. This class also prepares students for higher level courses, such as AP Biology and AP Chemistry.

Data Science

  • Data Science
    (.5 credit)
    • Open to all 10 - 12th graders who have completed Algebra II

    The course combines computer programming, mathematics, and statistics to teach data science skills that are highly sought after in today’s digital world. Data scientists require skills and experience in all three disciplines in order to be able to analyse data, provide insights and offer suggestions based on data. Students will gain practical experience with data science tools used in industry today and will learn through a series of case studies based on real world problems. This multidisciplinary course will prepare students for future careers or coursework in computer science, mathematics, science, statistics, or engineering.