AMD PYNQ Board Bootcamp

AMD PYNQ Board Bootcamp

AMD PYNQ Bootcamp

Dates: July 25-29, 9:00am-3:00pm at the Innovation Center
Price: $150
Overview: This year’s bootcamp has a theme of ‘Smart and Sustainable Farming’ using AMD-Xilinx embedded platforms and the Python programming language.  Below are some areas within this year’s theme we will explore at the event: 

Data Science

Create systems that Inform decision-making through the collection, organization, and display of data relevant to plant health and crop yield.

Sustainable Growth

Hear from industry experts on how technology is informing and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of seeding, monitoring of plant health, and harvesting.

Agriculture Innovation

Use AMD’s PYNQ-Z2 board and sensors to put your own spin on one of the oldest industries on earth.

Each participant will use an IoT kit containing sensors, connectors, and electrical components to use in combination with AMD’s PYNQ-Z2 board. Users will also learn basic Python to interact with the hardware components to create a self-driven project within small teams.

Additional resources and expertise will also be provided during the actual camp from AMD and Innovation Center staff.

New this year We are inviting back former boot camp attendees (and advanced Python or PYNQ users) to participate in a leadership track at the bootcamp with further training on the Pynq-Z2 board, Python and leadership skills that will be incorporated into the main bootcamp experience. 

The camp will end with a culminating exhibition of everyone’s projects and learnings – parents are welcome to attend!

Innovation Center of St. Vrain Valley Schools